Disconnect. Dive in deep.

Leave your patterns and distractions behind.

Clean up your past. Prepare for your future.

Let go. Live a soul led life.

Bring heaven to your heart. Pleasure to your body. Peace to our earth.

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Plant Medicine & Pachamama Purification, Peru

3rd - 10th May, (7nights/8days)

Ready to shift? Peel back the restrictive layers and purify — emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually — so you can simply and unashamedly ‘be’ who you really are; a powerful channel for light, truth, and Source in your creative endeavors, work, relationships, communities, and the world.

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Solstice Soften & Surrender, Ojai, California

21st - 23rd June, (2 nights/3days)

Join us during this powerful portal to learn how to work with your feminine cycles to draw in and magnetize your deepest desires with ease and grace in the Valley of the Moon.

Full details coming soon.


Avalon Awakening Grace, Glastonbury

August Equinox (3 nights/4days)

Journey to this ancient land, where we’ll connect to the potent energies of the Chalice Well and White Springs, the waters that flow to create sacred union within and without.

Full details coming soon.