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Plant Medicine & Pachamama Purification

3rd - 10th May, Cusco, Peru



Come, purify deeply during this retreat.

Where the focus is on clearing your body — emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually, safely guided by our skilled and caring all female team as you unravel the old and seed the new. 

Over 8 days/7 nights, at the profoundly serene Yoga Mandala center in the Sacred Valley, where we’ll align your entire system, chakra by chakra.

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Combining daily Womb * Sense classes with gentle yoga and meditation, ancient shamanic rituals and plant medicine ceremonies with Ayahuasca and Mapacho, all supported with pyschoeducation and therapeutic somatic practices.

Peeling back the restrictive layers, so you can unashamedly ‘be’ who you really are; a powerful channel for light, truth, and Source in your creative endeavors, work, relationships, communities and the world.

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The Q’ero Earth Keepers, ancestors of the Inca’s, will guide us in grounding our roots, to establish right relationship with Pachamama, the primordial womb-space of Mother nature. 

Entering a Temezcal, we’ll begin to detoxify the body of impurities, poisons and pollutants in this Mesoamerican ‘sweat lodge’ experience, held under the starlit sky.  

Deepening our cleanse with flower baths to prepare for Mapacho and Ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies, led by our Tabaquera and Shipibo Maestra, who’ve both shared these traditional Amazonian healing practices for lifetimes. 

Our team of teachers and facilitators will provide pyschoeducation and therapeutic support to help you understand and process insights gained regarding your ‘shadow’ in ceremony. 

You’ll also develop tools to help you to fully integrate these practices into everyday living for when you return home.

Daily gentle yoga, meditation and breath work will activate and awaken your chakra’s, helping you to ground, switching on your sexuality, opening your heart, channels for clear expression and cultivating your intuition.

Sacred rituals will align the Holy Trinity — our bodies, hearts, wombs — with the Divine.

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You will learn about the Shipibo art of traditional Amazonian plant medicine, the origin of Western pharmaceuticals. And how the plants and their spirits heal unresolved trauma held in the emotional, physical and spiritual body in a way that our medicines simply can’t. 

Forced to make themselves untraceable during the Spanish invasion, Q’ero Shamans have lived isolated from the outside world for centuries.

They call themselves paqos or priest healers, as they work in deep connection to the Cosmos, and it’s three levels — Hanaq Pacha (the upper world) the Kay Pacha ( This middle world) and the Uku Pacha ( the Underground). Using ancient rituals they’ll help us remember how we are each ‘sacred as everything in this world’

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Waking up to views of the majestic mountains, you’ll enjoy ample time to rest, relax, reflect, or swing slowly in a hammock with a fresh herbal tea, soaking-up the inspiring beauty.

You’ll be honoring your body with the delicious, nutritious, organic menu, tailored to support you through the special ‘dieta’ required to prepare your body for plant ceremony.

Soak in restorative nutrients during the Earth Spa day, where we’ll relax in the local hot springs, detox, dissolve travel pains, and give our bodies the chance to receive again.

Throughout the week you can book soul nourishing treatments with skilled practitioners.

Enjoy the magical Andean culture with visits to waterfalls, Incan sites, portals, and a hillside hike to a local conservation project where we’ll meet Peru’s favorite, fluffy animal.

On the final night we will celebrate this journey with a closing fire ceremony; you can share a poem, song, your music, or simply your sweet presence with us all.

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Yoga Mandala is an ‘away from it all’ space of harmony, nestled in nurturing surroundings of native flowers and sparkling streams at the base of the Andes mountains.

Here, the Inca believe the Apu’s or mountain spirits assist humans in connecting with heaven and it’s divine angelic energies.

Lovingly owned and operated by a family who care deeply for the environment, this unique bio-constructed center, designed for low-impact on the eco-system, combines outstanding service with great natural beauty. Their aim; for you to feel comfortably at home.

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Root Chakra “Grounding In”

9am: Pick-Up in Cusco, Bus to Yoga Mandala

11am: Check-In and Welcome Circle

1pm: Lunch

2 pm: Womb*Sense class: Calling in, Clearing Ancestral Roots

4pm: Right Relationship with Pachamama Q’ero Ritual

5pm: Body Purification with Temazcal ‘Sweat Lodge’ Ceremony

8pm: Dinner

9pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

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Sacral Chakra “Fertilising”

8am: Sacral Awakening Vinyasa Yoga Flow

9am: Breakfast

10am: The Healing Power of Mapacho as Medicine

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Womb*Sense class: Awakening Our Creative Capacity

4pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

7pm: New Moon Energetic Clearing Mapacho Ceremony


Solar Plexus “Sensing”

8am: Solar Activating Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Marta

9am: Breakfast

10am: Psychoeducation + Somatic Group Integration

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Earth Spa & Hot Springs Soak

4pm: Womb*Sense class: Moving from Mind to Body

7pm: Dinner

8pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

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Heart Chakra “Softening”

8am: Heart Opening Vinyasa Yoga Flow

9am: Breakfast + Flower Baths

10am: Exploring Shipibo Healing with Ayahuasca

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Womb*Sense class: Releasing Grief + Relational Wounds

4pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

7pm: Heart Healing Ayahuasca Ceremony

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Throat Chakra “Speaking Out”

8am: Voice Initiating Vinyasa Yoga Flow

9am: Breakfast & Flower Baths

10am: Psychoeducation + Somatic Group Integration

1pm: Lunch

2 pm: Womb * Sense class: Finding and Freeing Your True Voice

4 pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect

7pm: Clearing Communication Channels with Ayahuasca



Third Eye Chakra “Intuition”

8am: Intuitive Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Marta

9am: Breakfast

10am: Psychoeducation + Somatic Group Integration

1 pm : Lunch

2pm: Womb*Sense class: Trusting Your Truth Ritual at Waterfalls

7pm: Dinner

8 pm: Rest, Relax, Reflect



Crown Chakra “Devotion”

8am: Divine Vinyasa Yoga Flow

9am: Breakfast + Bus Pick Up

10am: Womb*Sense class: Envisioning + Embodying the New Earth

1pm: Lunch in Urubamba

2pm: Hike with the Llama Project

7pm: Dinner

8pm: Fire Ceremony Celebration

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Departure & Transfers

8am: Farewell Vinyasa Yoga Flow

9am: Breakfast + Room Check-Out

10am: Closing Prayers + Gratitude Shower

12pm: Departure, Bus to Cusco

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Gemini Adams.png

Gemini Adams, C-TREP, E-RYT, Womb * Sense Founder and Facilitator

Specializing in body-oriented psychotherapy, somatic practices and trauma-informed yoga, she’s transformed countless women’s lives, both in clinical settings, privately and in the 100’s of classes, workshops and retreats she’s led across the globe.

Gemini created Womb * Sense with the intention of healing women’s pain, grief and shame, from birth, abortion, menstruation, miscarriage, stillbirth, sexual assault or abuse, cultural repression and attack of the feminine, that all cause us to disconnect from ‘down there.’

Having suffered the traumas of bullying, her parent’s divorce, sexual abuse, substance addiction, and her mother dying from cancer at a young age, she truly ‘get’s it’ and is able to relate deeply.

Despite starting yoga, meditation and exploring talk therapy in her early 20’s, it was the potent combination of Somatic Experiencing and plant medicine that finally helped her the Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) she’d had since childhood.

She currently works with the Center for Relational Healing, a relational trauma and addiction recovery center in Los Angeles, and in private practice, treating people from all walks of life.

A nature sprite at heart, you’ll find her forest bathing, soaking in hot springs, star gazing, or creating mischief, magic, and spreading infectious laughter wherever it's needed.

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Marta Wanderlust, E-RYT, Yoga Teacher & Facilitator

Marta is a gifted, passionate and highly experienced teacher. 

After becoming a student of Yoga at the tender age of 14, over the past 20 plus years she’s cultivated both her personal practice and teaching skills with Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin.

Thanks to extensive study in India, Marta’s also developed a deep knowledge of yogic philosophy, science and a love for pranayama and meditation.

Wanderlust both by nature and in name, she’s taught at leading healing centers and yoga schools in Asia, Europe and South America. Originally from Poland, she’s fluent in Polish, English and Spanish. 

Marta has been blessed to spend the past few years immersed in studying indigenous healing traditions with communities including the Shipibo and Mestizo in the Amazon, Q’eros in the Andes, Kogi in Colombia, and the wonderful cultures of Mexica and Lakota. 

Like many of us, she's battled the demons of addiction, past traumas, and the unraveling of a consumer lifestyle to one of compassionate contribution, simplicity and satisfaction, which she attributes to the path of Yoga, supported by her work with the plant medicines.

Working as a resident teacher at the Temple of the Way of Light — a pioneering plant medicine centre in Iquitos — and hosting transformative retreats independently, she blends her expertise from these two diverse, yet complementary worlds, both as teacher and facilitator.

Marta beautifully embodies the qualities of her favorite deities balancing Saraswati’s archetypal wisdom with Kali’s attribute of attaining triumph over demons and egoic patterns. 

“Marta’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge in her field is extraordinary.”

— Retreat Guru

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Merav Artzi, Tabaquera

Merav left the concrete jungle of Tel Aviv behind for the more lush version in the Amazon, where she apprenticed with the highly regarded Maestro Ernesto Garcia Torres.

Developing her healing abilities for eight years with numerous medicinal plants, before eventually becoming a Tabaquera.

She now works specifically with Nicotiana Rustica — a plant affectionally known as jungle tobacco or ‘mapacho,’ which has been cultivated by indigenous peoples throughout the Amazon and used for thousands of years to clean the blood of impurities, the body of negative energy, sickness and to release repressed emotions from unresolved traumas and limiting patterns.

Merav is a highly respected healer with a powerful ability to hold space for the deepest wounds to be revealed and released. She leads ‘mapacho’ ceremony and diets in Peru and around the world.

Lovingly applying her natural gifts of warmth, humor and tender care with a fierce warrior spirit she ensures you’re safely held during the ceremonial space and that you can’t bypass your own truth.

Merav has a profound connection to spirit, her Hebrew lineage combined with ancient wisdom and an incredible knowledge of traditional plant medicine.

“Merav nurtured when needed and nudged when it was necessary. After working with her I finally feel grounded and free.” — Retreat Guru

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Olga Urquia Rengifo, Shipibo Curandera

Olga was born into the Shipibo — one of 14 indigenous tribes living in the Amazon basin.

She grew up in Roaboya, a native community on the river near Pucallpa named after Meraya, a legendarily powerful Ayahuascero, where she still lives with her family.

As a young child, she remembers watching her grandparents preparing remedies from the forest plants to heal people. Through quiet observation of her elders combined with years of study she followed her calling, becoming a skilled native medicine woman or curandera.

Olga frequently leads ceremony in partnership with her husband Americo, also a Shipibo curandero at the Temple of the Way of Light — a pioneering plant medicine centre in Iquitos. They have two children who are following in their parent’s footsteps, also training as curanderos. 

A unique aspect of the Shipibo culture is the tradition, whereby the potent healing songs or icaros which provide healing, abundance, protection and harmony to their recipients during ceremony, are also woven into cloth as elaborate geometrical designs that function like a musical score.

Olga dreams of inspiring the younger generation to continue these healing traditions and is passionate about her vocation; “I love sharing my medicine and knowledge with all the patience and care that I can possibly give.”

According to The Ayahuasca Foundation, the Shipibo tradition is widely regarded as the most intact and profound of the indigenous peoples that use ayahuasca, with one underlying principle that pervades the entire practice; cleanliness. The basic understanding is that within every living being, every cell, there’s an innate movement towards wholeness and harmony.

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Your safety and ongoing wellbeing is our number one priority.

It’s essential to understand that plant medicine is not for everyone.

Particularly those with a family history of psychosis or schizophrenia, anyone who is on long-term medication for depression, or those who’ve experienced severe trauma in childhood.

In order to protect you, other quests, and our team from any adverse situations, we require you to complete a confidential questionnaire for this retreat at the time of booking (it takes about 8 mins).

It’s vital that you disclose all prior mental and physical health conditions, as well as any current supplements or prescribed medications, as some have been found to be dangerously incompatible with plant medicine.

If you are pregnant, attempting to become so, have a heart condition, chronic high blood pressure, or have ever been admitted into psychiatric care, please do not apply. Participants bookings will only be accepted after a full follow-up screening call with our team.

Preparation for this retreat is essential and you will be asked to commit to the ‘dieta’ developed over centuries by the Shipibo for working safely and effectively with plants. This includes abstaining from alcohol, all street drugs - including cannabis products - pork, spicy and icy foods, as well as sexual activity for 2 weeks prior to the retreat.

Full dietary and preparation guidelines will be sent when your booking is approved.

The preparation determines the effectiveness of the ceremony work, and is designed to ensure your body and mind are already open to the subtle energies of these healing plants.

Following the retreat, we request that you continue the ‘dieta’ for a further 2 weeks. Essentially, this process is like energetic, spiritual and emotional surgery, which requires ongoing recovery and integration to get the best results.

Many find they make substantial and long-term lifestyle and dietary changes as a consequence.

For more on working with plant medicine, please visit reset.me