Welcome Home Sisters

You have been called.

To clear out past pains. Reclaim your senses. Embrace pleasure.

Find a Class. Immersion. Retreat. Join the Circle.

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Virtual Circle

Every Full Moon, 5pm GMT
Facebook Live Event

Wherever you are, join this free event, connecting our community around the globe via a monthly virtual circle, where we’ll be fully moon-ifesting our dreams.

We'll be having conversations that count, interviewing awesome women, exploring issues affecting the feminine, sharing powerful ways to #HealMeToo and drawing in the changes we desire in our lives and for the world. It’s courageous, fun and always a little bit wild!


Sept - Nov, 2019
London, Bath, Glastonbury

Your womb is designed to be a place of power and pleasure. Not a space to store fear, grief, pain or shame. Yet, that’s what we tend to do.

In this safe, sacred, supportive space of sisterhood, you’ll be invited to release and shake-out the stuff of the past, re-connect to your sensuality — your true feminine essence — so you can listen deeply to what your heart, body and soul desires.

Immersion Workshops

Sept - Nov, 2019
London, Bath, Glastonbury

Within the safe container of sisterhood, we explore practices to help you ‘listen deeply’ — to shift from head-educated ways to detecting the subtle sensations of your body's greatest allies — your heart + womb.

Awaken and embrace your sacred pleasure centers so you can prevent the states of stress and anxiety that are so toxically destructive to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Thailand & Portugal, 2020

Purify your body — emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually — we will align your entire system, chakra by chakra.

Combining daily Womb * Sense classes with gentle yoga and meditation, nature immersion, ancient shamanic rituals and ceremony, all supported with pyschoeducation and therapeutic somatic practices this is the perfect place to clear out the past and embrace your future.