Welcome Home Sisters

You have been called.

To clear out past pains. Reclaim your senses. Embrace pleasure.

Find a Class. Immersion. Retreat. Join the Circle.

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Virtual Circle, 7pm PST
Facebook Live Event

Wherever you are, join this free event, connecting our community around the globe via a monthly virtual circle.

We'll be having conversations that count, interviewing some truly awesome women, discussing issues affecting the feminine and sharing powerful ways to #HealMeToo. It’s going to be fun, courageous, interactive, and probably a little bit wild!

6th April, Bath

Class, 6 - 8pm
Bodhi Yoga, Bath

In this supportive space, you’ll be invited to shake out and release past pains.

Through somatic practies you’ll re-connect to your sensuality — the source of true feminine power — so you can hear the truth of what your heart and soul really desires. And, you'll learn how to ignite your passion to bring your world-changing, life-giving dreams and creations into being.

16th March, Thailand

Immersion, 6 -10 pm

Within the safe container of sisterhood, we explore practices to help you ‘listen deeply’ — to shift from head-educated ways to detecting the subtle sensations of your body's greatest allies — your heart + womb.

Awaken and embrace your sacred pleasure centers so you can prevent the states of stress and anxiety that are so toxically destructive to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

3rd - 10th May, Peru

Plant Medicine & Pachamama Purification Retreat, Peru

Purify your body — emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually — we will align your entire system, chakra by chakra.

Combining daily Womb * Sense classes with gentle yoga and meditation, nature immersion, ancient shamanic rituals and plant medicine ceremony, all supported with pyschoeducation and therapeutic somatic practices.