As women we carry everything.

Our children, the worries of our families, the pains of the earth, the trauma's of our ancestors.

We are Caretakers-in-Chief.

Come gain some relief with connection and celebration.

Lean-in, soothe, and sigh it out.

We all deserve some release.


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Koh Phangan, Thailand, Sept

Drop in. Slowly. Breath in deep. Lets explore all of the sumptuous, simple ways we can support ourselves and our deeper healing from past pain, while simultaneously opening, opening, opening up, so we can truly receive again.

Full details coming soon.


Yoga Nest Venice, Los Angeles - Oct

No need to rush. Let’s slow down. That’s where the magic is. In the stillness, the surrender to receiving, allowing, opening, feeling. But, you know this already. Deep in your soul. Now it’s time to remember it deep inside your physical being. So you can embrace pleasure fully.

Full details coming soon.


Ojai, California - Nov

Lavish in the lusciousness. Reset in the deliciousness. Yes, there is still work to be done, past stuff to be cleared, but gently, gently, we can ease into the new paradigm of joy, bliss, yummy, uh-huh, belly-laughing fun. It can be so, so, so much easier than you’d ever imagined.

Full details coming soon.

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I feel like a new, more whole, and capable woman. Now I actually know how to ‘hear’ my womb, I’m creating, rather than storing grief, pain and shame.
— Hannah, Child Care Teacher
Full of fears around trust and relationships, I’ve learned to listen to my heart, shifting from the mind’s falsehoods to feeling my body’s truth.
— Audrey, Actress, Los Angeles
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Wow! The immersion was the most liberating experience ever.
— Victoria, nurse, Ireland
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