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Is Womb * Sense only for women?

Primarily, yes.

The intention is to create a space for women to come into a circle of safety where they are able to open to healing emotional, physical and psychological wounding or trauma, that has originated in relationships with men and women, or as a consequence of the negative conditioning from a society dominated by the presence of patriarchy.

However, some Womb * Sense immersions invite the participation of men to deepen this healing work within partnerships or marriages.

By enabling the masculine to witness, and hold space for the release of these past pains, we can invite forgiveness, fostering greater safety, trust and pleasure within these unions.

Men also have an energetic womb and are able to engage in these practices too.

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What should I wear and bring with me?

Softness, sensuality and receptivity are the core practices of Womb * Sense.

To open more deeply to our feminine nature.

Wearing clothes that support this helps; a loose skirt, floaty dress, baggy pants, leggings or yoga clothes (wear something that isn’t tight around the waist).

If you wear a dress or skirt, please bring a shawl, scarf or blanket to cover your lower body for when we rest.

Bring a yoga mat, water, any items you wish to bring into the circle to infuse with positive charge: crystals or precious stones, pictures of loved ones, small goddess statues, oracle cards and flowers are always welcome too.

What is somatic therapy and how is it incorporated?

Somatic means ‘of the body’ and in the therapeutic context it involves practices that help to heal disruptions in the mind/body connection to lift and release traumatic memories out of the body so we can reclaim a deeper sense of presence and peace.

In Womb * Sense classes and immersions somatic practices are incorporated with yoga and sensual movement, to help you establish a ‘Felt Sense of Safety’ in your body, to discharge dissociation so you can get grounded and release long-held stress or tension, switching on the body’s natural ability to release what’s stored in our muscle memory, emotional body and nervous system.

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Can I be too old or too young to participate?


Young girls and teens are frequently indoctrinated into the idea that a woman’s body is shameful. Whether it’s the wrong size, shape, color or that our monthly bleed is disgusting.

Some young girls also experience abuse at the hands of malee relatives, teachers, guardians or parents.

That’s why entering the circle from13 + years can be helpful in developing a healthy and nurturing relationship with our body, other women, its cycles, and for healing past trauma around the masculine.

There is no age limit.

The intention is to honor all passages of a women’s life; maiden, mother, and crone.

It’s never too late to clear out pains from the past and invite more pleasure, presence and perfection into your being.

What if I am wombless?

The practices in Womb * Sense work to bring healing to the emotional, physiological, and physical bodies. So,even if you’re without a womb due to a hysterectomy or other condition, there will still be many benefits from participating.

Particularly as the somatic therapy element helps us release trauma that may have been caused by surgery. We can still connect to our energetic womb, along with our innate capacity to birth our projects, visions and soul purpose into being.

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What if I’m on my moon (menstruating)?


We are much more connected to our womb during our monthly bleed.

We become more sensitive to energies and emotions — our own and other’s.

As the walls of protection and disconnection created as a means of survival in our insensitive world dissolve, our ability to tune-in to the deeper flow, rhythm and sensitivities of life expand so we can more easily receive and hear our own inner wisdom and intuition.

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What if I’m pregnant?


As women, we are actually always pregnant — seeking to birth into being our visions, dreams and desires, in whatever form that may take.

If however, you are bringing forth a new life in the form of a child, you can still join in.

The practices are gentle, sensual and supportive to your health, body, nervous system and to your little one.

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