We Embrace Everyone. But Not Everything.

Whatever flock, wherever you're from, all are welcome to join Womb * Sense.

We invite participation by women of any age, class, faith, religion, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality.

Our goal is unity.  

Connection over isolation. 

Collaboration instead of competition.

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  • We acknowledge our human right for love, compassion, and a safe, confidential container where women can process past pain or trauma.

  • We promote dignity, respecting personal space and possessions, giving choice to prevent the cause of harm.

  • We help women to find their voice, and support them in fully and authentically expressing themselves. 

  • We listen and encourage the clear expression of needs and wants.

  • We ask attendees to clearly establish consent before any partner practices or exercises that involve physical contact with others.

  • We require all participants to take responsibility for the impact their words and behaviors have on others.

  • We foster an environment where anyone is free to complain or comment without fear of retribution.

  • We hold our community and team accountable to high ethical standards; promoting integrity, trust, kindness and fairness. 

  •  We are committed to protecting the vulnerable from exploitation. 

  • We seek to end the cycles of abuse in our families, friendships, communities, and the world.

  • We have zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination or abuse; at our events, circles, or within the community.

  • We fully support our team and attendees in identifying and challenging any discriminatory or abusive language and behaviors.

  • We do not allow proselytizing for any religion, cult or belief.

  • We desire to make our programs accessible, by offering donation based classes and a set number of low-fee scholarship places.

  • We encourage those who are abundant to pay-it-forward, by donating to our scholarship fund to support sisters in need. 

  • We aim to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and international conventions.

  • We respect everyone's right to privacy, confidentiality, and the protection of their personal image.