Your womb is a source of pleasure.

It is not a place to store fear, pain, grief or shame. Yet so many of us do. Whether it's our own, our mother’s, or our ancestors.  Unknowingly, we hold in shock from birth trauma, abortion, miscarriage, abuse, sexual wounding and repression of the divine feminine from this and past lives. This negatively impacts us, causing frustration, confusion and blocking us from fully experiencing the present moment and the pleasure we both deserve and desire.

Your womb is wise.

A portal to your intuition — particularly during the moon time — it’s your primal super power,  your personal truth-detector,  a gateway to great wisdom that was held sacred and honored by men and women to safely guide choices for tribal living in ancient times. Yet, in the modern world women are 'headucated' at school and, just like men, trained to develop mental-prowess, ego, profit and power through politics,  subsequently we forget how to connect to this portal of feminine wisdom that intuitively lets us 'know' what works for the whole; planet earth, our bodies, communities, health and families.

Your womb has a voice.

Our wombs are at the center of our root chakras. The primal energy centers that connects us to the ground. To our our creativity. To our environment. To the cosmos. To each other. We cannot express what we truly feel when there is wounding or a blockage here. We cannot speak the truth that bubbles deep inside our hearts, bodies and souls. Our screams at the pain of the earth's destruction and the loss of lives in senseless terrorism and wars go silent. These unexpressed yowls for justice and cries for peace turn inwards. Causing harm to our bodies. Deadening our spirits. Instead of making a difference we find ourselves shopping, drinking, eating or scrolling Facebook to numb ourselves into a state of indifference.

Your womb is a force for cosmic creation.

A woman's body is designed for creation. Not just of human life, but of our soul's unique expression; our individual blueprint, what we came here to give birth to and be. When we attempt to create from the mind we are missing the magic ingredients of personal 'pussy' power that enables women to bring forth their world-changing, life-giving dreams and visions into physical being.


Clear out past pains.  Reclaim your sensual self.  Give way to Pleasure.


What women say.

Now I know how to ‘hear’ my womb and am making sure to use it to create, and not to store fear and pain. I feel like a new, whole, and capable woman.”
— Hannah, Child Care Teacher, Massachusetts
I had no idea how dissociated I was with ‘down there’! Happily, thanks to Womb Sense I can feel again and am remembering how much fun pleasure is!”
— Anish, Fitness Instructor, London
Who knew that clearing sexual trauma could be so much fun?”
— Karen, Office Manager, Bath
Wow! That was the most liberating experience ever!”
— Victoria, ER Nurse, Ireland
I was so tired of not having a voice in the world, yet you got my body to reveal the cause, release it and give me back my voice. Things haven’t been the same since, your work is super powerful!
— Jeanne, Jewelry Designer, California
“Gemini, you are a force of nature; so thoroughly present while healing past life trauma in my womb, so grounded and such a loving companion. Thank you. It was profoundly transformative.”
— Virginia, Astrologer, Asheville
I felt so much grief and pain lift off me. It was my mother’s and I’ve been carrying it for years. I’m so grateful it’s gone.”
— Beth, Musician, Glastonbury
Since my son died tragically 9 years ago, I’ve been unable to cry. But in your Womb Sense class the tears finally flowed.
— Lorna, Writer and Mother, Sydney

Come and play
Find your truth
Clear out past pains
Give way to pleasure
Plant seeds of possibility
Dance in your desires
Birth your dreams

Be come YOU!


Find a Class. Workshop. Immersion.


Yoga Works, South Bay, LA - Sun, 20th May, 2018

3pm - 5pm Class, $30 before 5/15 $35 on the door.



Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, LA - Sun 27th May, 2018

8pm - 10pm Class, suggested community offering $25 on the door, or pay it forward.



Evolve Wellness, Kensington, London  - Tues, 5th June, 2018

6.30pm - 8.30pm Class, £25 early bird, £35 on the door.


Bristol Class.png

Breathe, Bristol -  Sat 9th June, 2018

3pm - 5pm Class, £25 before 3/6, £35 on the door.

BATH workshop.png

Bodhi Yoga, Bath  - Sun, 24th June, 2018

2pm - 5pm Workshop, £30 before 21/5, £40 on the door.


Berkhamsted Class.png

BAYoga, Berkhamsted - Sat 30th June, 2018

2pm - 4pm Class, £25 before 15/6, £35 on the door.


LONDON immersion.png

Evolve Wellness, Kensington, London  - Sun, 1st July, 2018

1oam - 2pm Immersion, £45 before 15/6, £55 on the door.



Tri-Yoga, Chelsea, London - Sun 1st July, 2018

4.30pm - 6.30pm Class, £25 before 15/6, £35 on the door - accompanied by chants and music from founder of Free Your Inner Voice and leading kirtan artist Nikki Slade.